“What are you going to do to make sure queer children are protected?”

It was a packed house at Jubilee United Methodist Church in Waterloo, Iowa Saturday night for Senator Cory Booker’s Meet and Greet where attendees got to ask some questions.

After laying out the vision for his Presidency, Senator Booker moved into the crowd to address their concerns.

A number of questions, like one from Ana Garcia, concerned the treatment of families who immigrate to America from south of the border.

One question was intertwined with a selfie as Senator Booker was asked how he would support public school teachers.

But when Senator Booker sat down next to young Ruthie Haynes, she quieted the room when she asked, “What are you going to do to make sure that queer people, particularly queer children, are protected?”

After a moment he replied, “Let me present to everybody some facts. LGBTQ kids are way overrepresented in our homeless population. Many of them come from environments where they’re ostracized and they’re not even safe in their own homes. 30% of LGBTQ kids report missing school because of fear. We still live in a country that lets LGBTQ kids look to the future and understand that there are places where they’re not safe.

These are my commitments to you.

First and foremost I’m going to hire, on my cabinet, a Secretary of Education that’s actually taught in public schools. What she (Betsy Devos) has done, is gut the Office of Civil Rights within the Dept of Education, I’m going to revive the Office of Civil Rights and make sure we are protecting LGBTQ kids, make sure we return the guidance to schools about transgender children, and make sure that we pick up the cases where those rights are being violated.

Number two, I’m going to use my Dept. of Justice to make sure we start to hold accountable those people who are engaging in discrimination.

Number three, I’m going to be a President that speaks to these issues. You help shape the culture if you’re President of the United States. I want to speak to the beauty and wonder of all of our children in this country.

I was taught that, ‘Cory, you have one choice to make in life, over and over again, we all have the same choice, either to accept things as they are, or take more responsibility for changing them.’

I’m going to be a President that calls upon this country, the reservoir of goodness and decency and love we have, to celebrate all of our children, to stand up for all of our children. To stop the bullying that’s going on. To let this country be a place of love for all of God’s children.”

After the event Ruthie Haynes gets a selfie with Senator Cory Booker

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